Procurement route-Public Private Partnerships (PPP)- Private Finance Initiative(PFI)

Procurement route-Public Private Partnerships (PPP)- Private Finance Initiative(PFI) Assignment example
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Procurement Route-Public Private Partnerships (PPP) - Private Finance Initiative (PFI) 1. Introduction The road to popularity of Public Private Partnership (PPP) stems from its ability to achieve cooperation towards development, health, and welfare of people amidst all forms of diversity and distance.


Starting in 1993, the WHO campaigned to private enterprises and other non-government organisations the advocacy to create meaningful partnerships that seek to create projects and programs dedicated to health and development of people. In fact, creating PPP is part of the core strategy of the organisation called the “Initiative on Public-Private Partnerships for Health,” which succeeded in forming 70 health partnerships around the world (Buse & Waxman, 2001, p.748). The emphasis placed on partnerships for the sake of health is mirrored in the implication that it draws. A healthy society means a healthy workforce and a robust economy. This report aims to explain the fundamental principles of PPP in the context of the proposed expansion of referral hospital along with the enhancement of hospital facilities and services in the midst of global economic downturn. It will evaluate its advantages and disadvantages as well as the Public Finance Initiative and Public Partnerships as a procurement route. Relevant examples, statistics, and figures will also be presented in this report. 2. Principles of Public Private Partnerships (PPP), Merits and Demerits 2.1 PPP is a form of agreement; thus, it is bounded by equal, reciprocal, and shared rights and obligations. Buse and Walt (2000) expressed the blurring line between what it means to be a private entity and a government entity. ...
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