Abandoned Vehicle Problem: A Saudi Arabian Case

Abandoned Vehicle Problem: A Saudi Arabian Case Assignment example
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This paper has been developed in order to study the problem of vehicle abandonment in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The method of intensive literature review has been deployed to study and shed some light on the possible solution of the aforementioned difficulty


The research suggests that government should take visible and measurable steps towards introducing recycling industry in the local economy. The economic development in the featured area is largely attributed to outsourcing of major operations such as oil extraction and purification. As previously outsourced industries are performing sufficiently well therefore the development of a newer one should be supported as well. It is also duly noted that the purpose of recycling industry must not to make profit at all, rather than the companies should focus on the betterment of environment through demolishing each and every abandoned car timely. The logical course of action for the national administration is to forge a network of recycling facilities in each and every city of the country where people can deposit their flawed cars. The legal system should also be modified to accommodate crimes against the environment so that people are induced towards spending an eco-friendly life (LasswelL & McDougal, 1943). The change this paper is talking about is a long term one and it will take quite a while before eco-friendliness and green living can become an integral part of the Arabian policy. The proposed venture is however appearing to be pretty lucrative for foreign companies because they can attain certain type of monopoly in the geographical location of Arab. The above goal is also not difficult to attain because of poor technological orientation of the local population. ...
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