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TREATY OF WAITANGI AND ABANDONED VEHICLE PROBLEM The report establishes a relationship between “Treaty of Waitangi” and “Abandoned Vehicle”. It also lucidly portrays the effect of the treaty over some issues, related to the environment management and economic society.


The treaty did not form a part of the constitution. It was primarily a statement of principle which was build over the consent of the British officials and Maori chiefs with an agreement of formation of new government in New Zealand to address the pressing new circumstances. As the treat was not drafted it was primarily a promise in-between the concerned parties. The Treaty got three versions. As per the English version the Maori gave the restricted right to the Crown to buy the land which they only wish to sell and in favor of that they would be entitled to the British nationality or British Subject. The treaty in Maori was supposed to convey the similar meaning but there was a reasonable difference since the word “sovereignty” was deciphered as governance. For the Maori settlers it pertained the meaning that though that, “they were giving up the government over their lands but retaining the right to manage their own affairs” (New Zealand History Online, 2012). The Waitangi Sheet (Archives New Zealand, n.d.) As per the English version, the treaty assured that ‘undisputed possession of all the properties’ whereas the Maori version guaranteed ‘full authority over treasures which can be intangible’. Soon after a debate arouse over the discrepancy of the matter of fact. ...
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