Advance Design Project:Fire Safety Engineering

Advance Design Project:Fire Safety Engineering Assignment example
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Ventilation has been adopted as a hygiene necessity of fulfilling the basic criteria of living in a safe-to-breath-in environment.The acronym HVAC is a sub discipline of mechanical engineering and it stands for Hearing,ventilation and Air Conditioning.


hui, 2011). The major purpose of ventilation is basically as follows: Maintenance of human level comfort and their health related factors. Provision of sufficient oxygen for the sustainment of their lives and or of the livestock. Provision of sufficient oxygen or pure air for the healthy continual of processes. Removal of respiratory products and body odor. Removal of harmful elements and contaminants. Removal of indoor generated heat. Creation of air movement that can give the feeling of freshness. For the removal of indoor pollution. Perspective and analytical procedure as indicated by health standards of ASHARE standard 62.1 and CISBR guide 2. Some countries have regional building regulations that require the incorporation of ventilators. For instance, Hong Kong building ventilating system regulation Chapter 123J. Natural ventilation Natural filtration is believed to be a concept where ventilation is conducted naturally through a temperature difference mechanism. This mechanism is operated through the wind and temperature difference mechanisms (Gord Cooke, 2012). As per the definition, natural filtration and ventilation is a reliable source. There however have been a number of reservations and research environmentalists have spotted flaws with this ventilation process. ...
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