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Cause and Effect Paper II: What's A Metaphor

The paper will start by explaining the meaning of metaphor in order to get a clear understanding of the whole concept. The main part of the paper will try to analyse the cause and effect of the use of metaphor especially in movies. A summary of the main points discussed will be presented at the end of the paper. As a point of departure, it is imperative to define the meaning of metaphor so as to gain a clear understanding of the concept. According to Richard Nordquist, “A metaphor is defined as a figure of speech in which an implied comparison is made between two unlike things that actually have something important in common.” Nordquist argues that the word metaphor itself is a metaphor since it comes from a Greek word that means to transfer. Meaning can be carried from one word to the other and this style of writing or use in movies is very effective in that it makes the work more effective in terms of conveying the message being portrayed by the writer or actor in terms of a movie. There are several causes and effects that can be associated with the use of metaphors in movies and other related literary works. It can also be seen that metaphors are used in our everyday lives and these can be used subconsciously or consciously. As stated by Nordquist, conventional metaphors are common such that we may not be quickly realised them when they are used in different contexts. ...
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Title Cause & effect: What’s a metaphor? In presenting different literary works, it can be seen that there are different tools that can be used by the writer in order to enhance the quality of the work. For instance, a metaphor is a style of writing that is used in different contexts by the writers…
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