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An Incident When Failure Was Experienced

This research will begin with the statement that there have been experiences of failure that could be recounted in varied incidents and time frames. As a young child, the researcher remembers to have experienced failure through the simple tasks that need to be undertaken but failed to be successfully accomplished; such as finishing one’s meal or trying earnestly to play a musical instrument. At that immature age, a stage of delicate growth, failure could be perceived as a depressing state that could immediately rationalize generating fits of tantrums or irrepressible anger. One clear memory of failure was when a sibling played with one’s toy and the toy was inadvertently broken, the researcher remembers hitting his younger sibling with the broken piece on his head which caused an immediate lump to protrude. As a result, the author’s father had to warn him sternly with a firm grip to prevent further injury to his brother and to slightly tap the hand that caused the injury. There was a feeling of sheer embarrassment from the uncanny behavior and led to a perceived interpretation that the researcher failed to abide by the moral conduct expected from a sibling. The warning of his father came with a reminder that he had to correct his mistake and prevent any further injury from happening; not because he does not love him – but more so, he emphasized that he does. He said that it was really a natural reaction for him to get angry at what happened; but at any cost, the researcher should not have inflicted any injury or pain to my sibling. ...
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This research is being carried out to evaluate and present an incident or time when failure was experienced. Central questions that predominate in this discussion: How did failure effect on the researcher? What lessons did he learn?

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