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choose the topic from given list

There seems to be a growing clamor for school uniforms in the public schools for some matter. One of the reasons presented by those supporting the unforms in public schools has to do with the cost of school clothing. One of the largest expenses that parents face in terms of the day to day needs of their high school aged children has to do with the clothes that they wear to school everyday. The increasing cost of ready to wear clothes and the desire of children to wear unique get-ups to school cost the parents a tidy sum of money every school year. By imposing a mandatory school uniform policy in our schools, the cost of education can be brought down for parents. This paper aims to present three reasons as to why we should support the clamor for uniforms in public schools , including the savings on cost of clothing that can be passed on to the parents, while also presentingsome of the reasons that some parents and students oppose the school uniform policy. One of the reasons that high school students give when asked why the support the school uniform policy is that they find it easier to simply wear the same clothes to school everyday. Although teenagers love to dress up and match their outfits for a day out, having to do that on a daily basis for school clothing becomes a nuisance for them. ...
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The Benefits of Wearing a School Uniform in High School As far back as I can remember, public schools, which are paid for by the tax dollars of the American people, has never required their students to wear a school uniform. Historically, American students have always worn everyday clothes to school…
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