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Student’s name Class no. Instructor’s name Date Essay and Research Proposal Proposal: Suffering by Philip Pendleton Kennedy in the Black Water Chronicle The book ‘black water chronicle by Philip Pendleton Kennedy’ is actually a presentation of his adventure in different parts of the Western Virginia in poor or worst environmental conditions…


Additionally, it would be vital to determine how they managed these problems and evaded the same in their subsequent adventures. Chapter twelve is the most important for this essay since it concentrates on the fall of the blackwater. In this period, the adventurers went through a lot of environmental, physical, and health problems. The chapter will be analyzed from page 159 through the end of the chapter. Nonetheless, the essay will compare the sweet moments and these suffering and how the adventurers treated and responded to the two extremes. Essay: Suffering and Remedies The black water chronicle by Philip Pendleton Kennedy is a narration of his adventure in different parts of the Western Virginia in the regions of black water. This adventure is captivated by poor or worst environmental conditions. Other than the environmental it presented numerous and different types of suffering that all the elements presented in the story are subjected. Suffering is usually part of humanity and even those who are considered by the society to be doing well are something experiencing certain modes of suffering. However, the only main different of suffering are presented is the Kennedy’s black water chronicle is how different people give approaches to different sufferings in their life. ...
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