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Terrorism versus Civil Liberty

Civil Rights: A debate”. This essay presents an argumentative approach to this contemporary issue. Is there sincerity in fighting terrorism or is it a denial of civil liberties? Inasmuch as the government is trying to fight terrorism, denial of civil liberties seems to take center stage. Addressing Terrorism It would be unjustified to present an argument about terrorism and civil liberties without first having to define what these two words. Terrorism refers to any action of evil or destructive intent committed by a person or a group of persons with intention of making their thoughts and interests known. Civil liberty on the other hand refers to the basic human rights granted to citizens as defined on the constitution. One of the main ways by which the government protects its citizens against terrorists is by, “Collecting domestic and international intelligence on human rights violators and violations through our field offices, our legal attache offices overseas, and our network of sources inside and outside the country, and our relationships with domestic and international law enforcement partners” (FBI 1). Such sensitive measures are essential in ensuring that the country is secure from terror. ...
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Terrorism versus Civil Liberty Introduction Terrorism is one of the issues that have troubled humankind for such a long time. Hardly a day passes without news about a terrorist attack, activity or an aborted attempt. Whereas terrorists are aggregating their action to express their sentiments, efforts employed to counter them have been greatly questioned…
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