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Judgements about English

English is by and far, a universally acceptable language - spoken by maximum people in maximum countries. Better known as the Queen's language, English originated in Great Britain and continued to spread its influence over the entire world through a legacy of colonisation.
There has been a conscious move towards study of the history of the language while building up to the modern use of English. With the rise of modernism, the need to use more clipped sentences and avoid repetitive use of pronouns and other articles has become a pre requisite for using the language. The authors have, throughout the book, outlined the history of the language since colonial to post colonial times. Also, they have placed importance on the shrugging off of the old grammatical ways that have given way to new grammar. It is in this transitional phase that one will find important insights into why English has come up the way it has, considering it has made its presence felt in so many corners of the globe.
In the initial chapters, the authors provide a social and cultural analysis of the growth of English and its gradual spread over various continents. What influenced this phenomenon was the process of colonisation. This prompted the establishment of entire English speaking communities. These people were then forced to maintain connections with the economic and cultural scenario in England. ...
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The book by Dick Leith, David Graddol and Joan Swann, titled Englsih: History, Diversity and Change, is a wonderful book in a series that provide an in depth studies regarding the history of the language with an analysis of its use in the modern scheme of things.
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