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Article Errors among Japanese Students

It is relatable that the English articles 'a', 'an', 'zero', and 'the' often raise difficulty not to ESL/EFL learners alone, but even to learners of English as a first language. It is often found that the articles are a source of difficulty to learners as well as teachers of English as a second/foreign language and it is especially true about learners whose native languages do not have articles or do have articles or article-like morphemes which are used in ways that differ from English articles. An analysis of the morpheme acquisition by the learners of English as a foreign language confirms this difficulty with regard to the acquisition of English articles and it was found in a study by Brown (1973) that the articles 'a' and 'the' came at numbers nine and ten in the acquisition of fourteen morphemes. ...
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English has become a global language and recognising its importance English has been learned all over the world in way of ESL, EFL, etc. One of the emerging nations with the use of English language as a foreign language has been Japan, where the teaching and learning of English has great validity in the modern period…
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