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Interpersonal Communication

Discourse analysis involves such aspects as small talk, talk-in-interaction and also computer-mediated communication.
Small talk is a causal type of conversation which is used to break an awkward silence between two people (Goffman, 1981). Thus it is considered as a strategy in managing the interpersonal distance. This is vital as sometimes it is not ethical to be without saying anything. There are certain instances and situations in which small talk is considered appropriate. There are also some commonly used topics in small talk. Thus small talk facilitates the creation of a positive face among the people and it can have at the beginning or at the end of the conversation.
Computer Mediated Communication (CMC) is described as some form of communicative transaction that occurs between two or more computers which are in a network. Basically this term has been utilized to define interactions that take place through computer-mediated formats such as e-mails, chat rooms and instant messaging (Thurlow, Lengel & Tomica, 2004). However it also involves other forms of communication such as text messaging. Research on CMC concentrates mostly on social impact of computer-supported communication technologies. CMC is a concept that has been evolving over time with the advent of technology. ...
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Discourse analysis (DA) also known as discourse studies, is a term that is normally used to scrutinize written, spoken or any signed language. This is also utilized to identify any semiotic event. The aim of discourse analysis is defined differently (Firth, & Wagner, 1997)…
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