The Hidden Curriculum

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Prior to discussing the hidden curriculum, which is defined in the The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition (2000) as "all the courses of study offered by an educational institution" and in order to gain a better understanding, it is first necessary to list the different types of curriculum and how each relates to the other.


The Hidden curriculum will overlap with other types of curriculum, however, that will be the primary focus of this paper. (Hidden Curriculum of Online Learning 2000) quotes Foshay and describes this as the transcendent aspect of learning: "the experience of transcendence, or the sense of one's self as part of a vastly larger whole."
The subjects listed in a stated curriculum are not necessarily what students learn in the classroom. What is meant to be taught and what is actually learned are many times two different things. This is called "the hidden curriculum".
school with the stated curriculum or the subjects they studied. This curriculum is public and the often the subject of heated debate. Although it is not publicly stated and rarely debated, schools also have a hidden curriculum. This hidden curriculum is composed of the basic attitudes and abilities valued by society. When society changes, both the curriculum and the hidden curriculum of schools also change. Because of changes wrought by information technology, society is currently in the middle of a paradigm shift from the Industrial Age to the Information Age. This paradigm shift has direct consequences for both the curriculum and the hidden curriculum of schools. ...
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