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The Effectiveness of Dictionaries for L2 Learners

English is dynamic language, which is under continuous transition as the world accelerates and develops. The English dictionaries are the perfect resource for the L2 learners to understand and update themselves about the English vocabulary and the recent inclusions.
The recent amendments and inclusions in the English level are political and technological driven; therefore an individual with formal update about the changing global scenario is aware of such amendments. The dictionaries have been somehow reluctant to add such words in their collection because primarily such words have no link with the language and communication protocol. The political terminology has no linguistic inference, but however it has political interpretation. The short-comings with reference to the publication and listing of dictionary is debatable, however it is must to suggest the intent behind dictionary. There are many terminologies which certainly become rare and uncommon after passage of time; therefore such words are never included in the dictionaries (Paul, 2002).
Dictionary is considered as an effective mode of communication, because instructions delivered through this mode are clear and understandable. The element of understanding, between the book and the learner is not a pre-requisite to conduct the communication. ...
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The economic, social, political, cultural and scientific development is responsible for the revival of the English vocabulary after certain period. After Industrial Revolution, the scope of the English vocabulary has broadened and undergone massive amendments…
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