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Knowledge Management

this paper describes the basic idea of knowledge management which is universal – doing what is needed to get the most out of knowledge resources – its practical implementation may vary in each particular case. The variations are not too serious and mostly concern the share of attention paid to either technological or human aspect of KM while the key principles remain similar in the modern models of KM: explicit and tacit knowledge, interactive nature of KM processes, increased attention cognitive and motivational aspects of KM. Therefore, the differences in KM systems implemented are mostly associated with different organizational structures and demands of the companies. Although the challenges related to designing/implementation of effective KM strategy are serious the practice continues to demonstrate that they are not compelling. The most essential of these challenges are identified in the professional literature as well as the alternative ways and tools to cope with them.
Tu sum up this paper approves that the major factors contributing to the failures of knowledge management strategies are highly changeable global environment, coupled with failure to take a holistic approach to designing the system of knowledge management, and substantial resources required to design and implement a truly effective KM programme. Evidently, the first of these drawbacks has received better recognitions from the theorists whom develop KM models, programmes, and strategies for modern organisations. ...
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This paper talks about knowledge management which is a very broad discipline that integrates a number of organisational endeavours and practices used by different organisations in a variety of ways in order to identify, create, represent, and distribute knowledge and thus ensure competitive advantage of the competitors. …
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