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Essay example - An analysis of a TESOL learning activity

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The purpose of the created activity was to provide students who have English as a second language with the opportunity to explore the many aspects of career development. This was such an important task for this type of students because finding and keeping gainful employment that does not yield to their understanding of or their proficiency with many of the cultural barriers that exists, particularly their command of the English language…

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Many had not considered a career at all. This is most likely because they did not have any experience of guided career exploration before making these choices, or being unsure about doing so. After completing the activity, the students attitude towards choosing a career as well as the appropriateness of the career they chose to pursue were measured by student interviews. Most students showed an increased awareness in choosing careers that were better culturally fitted to their own lifestyles and skill sets, including their English language acquisition. There was also a noticeable difference in the confidence level of each of the participants in regard to how they felt about entering the world of work. Many students came into the program somewhat reluctant to complete mock interviews and share resume writing skills. Most of these students, however, were eager to share their testimonies on how the program had changed their perception of themselves as well as their career goals by the end of this six week activity. ...
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