Approaches to Teaching Grammar

High school
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In Syria, we find the linguistic situation, not very complicated, as most of the people speak Arabic beside few other languages. Baker and Jones (1998, p.429) say "Arabic is the language of education and administration." Once when French ruled Syria, Official language was French.


English is the language everybody wants to learn for several purposes. The demands of technology, media and internet, makes it certain for everyone to consider careful language education aim. The realization is also becoming stronger that the world continues to shrink with the onset of the communication revolution and relentless advances in communication technology. English, the primary vehicle of international communication even among non-native speakers, is also a passport to international cultural and metropolitan citizenship.
In the simplest cases, when both of the parents are monolingual, speakers of a single language, Arabic, only a strong outside pressure will cause them to speak any other language. One of the most effective pressures is the belief that ignorance of the other language will block their social and economical progress. Fluency in English in Syria is being equated with the highest level of social and economical success. High positive attitudes and high motivational intensity to learn English is obvious in my situation.
Students at this school already have had twelve years of English language teaching, and yet not able to speak the language, accurately and fluently. The institution is a Public school, where there are large classes of students having 30 boys in the class. The teaching is teacher-centered and students feel bored. ...
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