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Literary Analysis on The Bad Little Boy by Mark Twain

The author also presents sarcasm in the few times he mentioned amazement about the luck of the main character despite his being bad.
Mark Twain’s “The Bad Little Boy” is a short story that tells about its subject which is also the title of the story, told in a third person’s point of view and presented with humor as the story-teller wonders at the characteristics of the main character. Twain also differentiates the bad little boy in his story to that of little boys in Sunday school stories who are usually named James while his character is Jim. The reader joins in the amazement of the writer to his subject probably because of the unordinary way of Twain’s storytelling, seemingly talking to himself while the story is told. However, his comparisons about the ordinarily bad boys in Sunday school to Jim make the story more exciting because the reader is left wondering how the story would end. That is, if Jim will end up changed like the Sunday school character, James or would he have died in a tragic mistake he committed or has been put in jail for an offense. This thrill created by the story keeps the audience reading to the end and finds out that the main character managed to become a successful legislator despite his mean means of getting what he wanted, got married and had children. ...
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Mark Twain’s “The Bad Little Boy” is a short story that tells about its subject which is also the title of the story, told in a third person’s point of view and presented with humor as the story-teller wonders at the characteristics of the main character. …
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