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Stylistic analysis of "The Island of Plenty" by Johnson C. Montgomery.

America is described as a rich and stable country which can sustain the citizens for a lengthy duration. The author further elaborates his point by stating that ‘The country should remain an island of plenty in the sea of hunger’. The word ‘Eden’ is used to refer to America; he argues that the only fertile and productive land remaining in the world is America. The other countries only concentrate in giving birth to more children who overpopulate the earth. Montgomery presents his work of metaphor correctly, hence, making readers the ability to understand the story further.
‘We owe to our children- and to their children’s, children’s, children’s, children’s’ is a sentence the writer is emphasizing on the importance of planning to take care the future of our children. Author succeeds to show his point the use of alliteration to show the readers the importance of having a well-planned future for the younger generation. The sentence ‘Ample food and resources exist to nourish man and all other creatures to indefinitely into the future’, successfully show how America is well equipped with resources that feed their citizens.
Montgomery presents the irony devices in the story correctly, hence, making the story interesting to read and comprehend.
He has used rhetorical devices in his story The Island of Plenty in an appropriate way, and has successfully shown the meaning of the rhetoric devices.The common used rhetorical device was metaphor that has been used correctly across the whole texts. ...
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This essay aims to analyze the rhetorical devices used by Johnson C. Montgomery in his work 'The Island of Plenty'. It reviews such rhetorical devices, used by the author, as metaphor, alliteration, assonance and irony and also gives examples on each of them…
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