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Some prove to be difficult but there is no objection as work has to be done and delivered on time. College regulations may not be strict but they are demanding. Always, in the first session, almost everything a student does in the eyes of the tutors appears to be out of context. What follows is that the student is left to wonder if he will manage to fulfill all their expectations. To overcome this, it calls for quick measures to be implemented for the student to make wise decisions regarding his goal in life and how he will achieve it.
Critical thinking is another issue; it involves the students who are sharp and able to think carefully about an idea before deciding on how to tackle it. For instance, reasoning critically involves one to think beyond his mind to avoid conclusions that are so obvious. Cultural myths have their own power and they take particular forms that make people realize if the steps they take are sensible.
Through them, people get to know about their beliefs, customs, and ideas to the point of sharing a common language. Cultural myths determine how human beings interact with each other, how they perceive themselves based on their behaviors, and wishes. People live according to their cultural myths, which assist them understand where they belong and help them build their power and how they are related to the people they love whether it is in the past or the coming generation. To be a critical thinker, a person is required to ignore these cultural myths and their misconceptions.
It is interesting to know that the cultural myth that people do not apply most makes us view the world on a broad basis. In some cases, when the myth’s values are misinterpreted, it is considered immoral. Cultural myths have adverse consequences; when it comes to learning, they lower the rate at which students reason and read. The writer’s poem talks about the compassion that a child has towards his father ...
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College life for starters tends to give them a perturbing feeling, as majority who are exposed to this kind of life finds it extremely challenging to adapt the new changes. It is an opportunity that one gets to rely on himself and exercise self-control when it comes to handling…
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