In the film V for Vendetta V says that violence can be used for the good in the context of social justice. Do you agree? Why or why not? Use specific historical examples to support your argument.

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Directed by James McTeigue, ‘V for Vendetta’ is a dystopian thriller based on the comic titled by the same name, written by Alan Moore and David Lloyd. Hugo Weaving portrays the role of ‘V’ a bold man full of charisma, trying to figure out a way to seek revenge with…


According to the movie, V has tried to depict a different side to the aspect of violence altogether, by stating that it can be used for the good of social justice and this paper helps to provide an insight into the very aspect of the film through V’s actions and how they may be used for the good of society.
V tries to make use of strategy rather that muscle power in order to come up with the best possible way to tear down the tyrannical rule that the society was bound by. The only emotion that motivates him is revenge and he is often seen being overshadowed by the demarcation between revenge and justice. He has a common goal to unite the people of dystopian Britain to overthrow the dictatorship that had been established by the use of force however he soon realises that his own will to seek vengeance gets caught up in the bigger picture. (Huck)
He says, “Anarchy wears two faces, both creator and destroyer. Thus destroyers topple empires; make a canvas of clean rubble where creators can then build a better world.” In the quest for attaining freedom, V decides that he must overthrow the tyranny that existed in the form of the oppression that the people were facing. He was justified in bombing and attacking the place because the people that he ended up killing, namely, Adam J, Susan, Delia and Surridge were people who had committed heinous crimes in the past and had led to the destruction that persisted in the scenario at the time. In this case thus, violence has been justified to be done for a moral cause because someone had to make an attempt to overthrow the people who had been causing social chaos.
Violence sometimes does allow for social change to enter because it is the only efficient tool that can be used to stop other forms of violence from happening. As seen in the past however, leaders in modern day reality, like Martin Luther King Jr and Mahatma Gandhi, preached the use of non violence to resist ...
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