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you decide

According to the Turkish Cultural Foundation (2011), he obtained a master’s degree on the art of sculpture from Hacettepe University (2005) and completed his PhD with proficiency in arts (2009). Currently, he is based in Ankara mainly specializing in sculpture and video art.
The principle message of this artwork is to highlight on the fact that how human made tools, representing science and technology, attempt to mould our natural world in an amusing but thought provoking way.
The visual appearance of the artwork is surrealistic and illusive (please see the Appendix). Color combination is most important. The color of wood and other common, dull colors like black and brown gives the clothespin (which acts like a sort of central character) a real life tool. However, its size gives rise to a surrealist impression. The landscape below and around is green, and the background of the park is utterly pleasant. The combination of the clothespin and the crest of green earth gives the visual art a humorous, illusive, yet thought provoking look. As a whole, the presentation appears to be whimsical. But the technical aspects are quite complicated since the artist aims at using the space around the object in a peculiar way. There is only one object in the visual text, but the modeling of the landscape and other parts of the greenery around the artwork cleverly utilize space.
In answering the question that how the elements in the image convey the message; we have to recapitulate the message itself. The message emphasizes the fact that human made tools, representing science and technology, attempt to mould our natural world in a funny but thought provoking way. The main object of the visual text, the clothespin, is the most important conveyor of this idea. The clothespin has normal appearance, looks, colors, and shape. However, it has a very big size. This anomaly regarding size shows how humans boast of their ...
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It is a piece of sculpture, which can be described as a holistic implementation of visual art. We find a giant wooden clothespin in this artwork, which is pinching the ground. Through some…
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