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Essay example - Defining A Community Issue (i.e. problem)

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In Philadelphia from 2006 to 2009 there were 1,196 Black men killed by other Black men, according to Police Department statistics” (Black Men Killing Each Other—the…

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This paper analyses why young black men kill each other.
African Americans or Black Americans or Afro-Americans, or American Negroes are residents of America who their ancestry either partly or fully from any of the native populations of Africa. Even though blacks are one of the prominent communities in American population for a longer period, proper integration has not been taken place between whites and blacks in America yet. Communal problems between blacks and whites are common in America. Being part of black community in America means being a second class citizen in America.
According to Na’im Akbar (2010), “A constant diet of hopelessness will ultimately darken their mental skies and make them believe that their future is bleak and they will, therefore, develop the self-destructive behavior patterns so many of our youth currently exhibit” (Why Do African-American Youth Kill Each Other? The Lack of Cultural Alignment). Many black youths in America are of the view that their future is not so good amidst the growing unemployment problems in America. Recent recession caused too many damages to American economy and one of the major victims of this recession were the black community. Many black youths lost their employment because of the cost cutting strategies implemented in many of the American companies to escape from recession problems. Thus, the hope for a better future is getting diminishing among black community and they started to kill each other to escape from this frustrating scenario.
“Murder among Blacks in Chicago is mainly an economical thing and involved drugs and gangs. The unemployment rate among Blacks are 25% higher the white or Hispanic”(O’reilly attack blacks killing blacks). People think about violence only when they face lack of living standards. Everybody wants to enjoy their life as much as possible and when they face financial problems, they may turn towards antisocial behaviors. The above principle is ...
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