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Managing and Motivating Employees in their Twenties

In this case, education involves introducing new ideas to them, particularly ideas involving technology. To manage young people effectively, mangers will also need to devolve their decision-making process. Young people will work better if they are consulted during the decision-making. An autocratic management system is likely to attract rebellion and uncooperativeness from young employees. Organizations that have young people in their twenties as the main employees are likely to succeed if they increase employee’s authority in making decision.
Unlike past generations, current generation of employees in their twenties prefer short-term goals and objectives (Fertik, 2011). Managers are therefore, encouraged to set projects that can be completed within a short period. This is because the generation is always after instant results due to their short concentration span. Although managers of young people need to do all they can to motivate employee, it is important to maintain standard and orders. This will involves incorporating appropriate and professional disciplinary measure for employee who compromises the organization’s rule. Firing non-performing employees will promote order and discipline among young ...
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The first motivation strategy that works effectively for members of this group is affirmation. This involves acknowledging the efforts…
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