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Essay example - Argumentative on : The Negatives of a Nuclear Family

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Each family set up has its own identity and components. In a nuclear family, there is father, mother and their children. The central interest of nuclear family is based on the married couple and a number of children…

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Additionally, it can be said to be grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins that may be living together under one roof or lives in different places. It may also include several generation of related people living together. This term may change from one place to another. Each family plays a certain role in the society (Andersen and Taylor 391-397). This paper seeks to discuss the negatives of a nuclear family versus the positives of extended families.
In a nuclear family emotional attachments between the members is minimal. Moreover, this type of family is not emotionally attached to their parents or relatives. This kind of family is likely to go through various forms of sorrows and mental stress leading to depression, as there is no one to share with the problem. This generally may happen where both the parent are working and different times of the day a situation that may not give them free time together. However, in a joint or extended family, members live within reach with parents and other close relatives. There is high likelihood of members sharing time together. Consequently, any problem that arises in such a family set up is more likely to be shared and solved. The probability of having mental problem of stress is reduced significantly. Additionally, in such a family there is feeling of belonging.
Due to the limited number of individuals in a nuclear family, there is hardly enough material, emotional, or intellectual support when issues arise as opposed to an extended family where more family members mean more support. A problem that cannot be solved by anyone of these people become a challenge and is more likely to bring discomfort in such a family. It is undeniable that an extended family is far much better since the increased number of family members means that any type of support is likely to be available when issues arise. For instance, members of an extended family are much more likely to raise capital for investment when the family decides ...
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