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Essay example - Write an arguing for a million dollar government grant for the organization

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The giving of government grants is an incredibly difficult task – there are always a myriad of admirable choices between the groups that desperately need the money and could really do good things with it. With a grant of $1,000,000, it is essential that it goes to a group…

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It also should have a proven record of taking action and making a difference in accomplishing these aims, or else the money had better be used by another organization that has demonstrated ability to use it. The organization needs to be large enough and organized enough to actually make use of the money – small groups with a proven track record in a community, for instance, might not be able to actually effectively use one million dollars, as that might be incredibly out of sync with the scale of resources they used before. The cause that the organization fights for should be in line with the government’s goals and aims; otherwise, the government would be demonstrating its own hypocrisy by supporting it. And finally, the organization should attempt to accomplish things that are difficult to find funding and support for via other resources – while developing a new cancer treatment is certainly a worthy cause, there are countless pharmaceuticals, universities and so on, which would be more than happy to throw millions of dollars towards that problem – there is not necessarily a need for government grants there. The organization “Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood” fits all of these qualifications perfectly and could make excellent use of a one million dollar governmental grant.
The first and most essential quality that a group must possess to be worthy of the grant is simply doing work that is itself worthy. Founded in 2000, the Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood aims at protecting children from negative impact that rampant commercialization can have on the development of childhood (“About CCFC”). Children’s exposure to commercial materials can have a wide variety of impacts – children are exposed to a great deal of violence in the media today, they are overly sexualized at excessively young ages, they play entirely with commercialized toys ...
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