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Steroids : gateway towards the road of doom - Essay Example

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Steroids: gateway towards the road of doom The utilization of steroids by individuals in society continues to be controversial issue that has been the focal point for many decades. Steroid use is a touchy subject and continues to plague the professional world of sports…
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Steroids : gateway towards the road of doom
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Steroids : gateway towards the road of doom

Since 1991, steroids are only available through prescription only to combat conditions that are prevalent when body produces to low amounts of testosterone.   Steroid use has been prevalent throughout history since 1889. The fact that it remains to be an illegal substance according to law does not deter away users who want to achieve a perfect physique. Generations of young athletes are more inclined to use these illegal substances without truly acknowledging the true risks that are associated with steroids. Thus, steroids should be utilized by young athletes because it violates ethical conducts, leads to negative side effects, and creates personality disorders. Young athletes should not utilize steroids because it violates professional standards, has negative impacts on an individual’s health and cause multiple personality disorders. In the modern world of sports, winning is everything. Every athlete dreams of holding the championship cup. In essence, competition is so stiff that there is nothing such as a “second place.” Thus, the inclination to use steroids is truly appealing for athletes. For example, many athletes come from poor families. Since performance is fueled by salary, one can only imagine the pressure that these athletes have to endure. In order to obtain these contracts, players must be stronger, bigger and faster. Thus, athletes utilize this justification to start taking steroids. Steroids can truly redefine their athletic abilities and allow them to break genetic barriers that limited their growth. Have some players missed out on multi-million dollar contracts because an individual got to the line of scrimmage before them and was on steroids? Have some outstanding athletes missed the cut for Olympic competition and lost their American dream since they were competing against athletes who were on “juice.”?Ethically speaking, these are the questions that dictate the moral bounds of steroids use in professional level. This is clearly a violation of ethical conduct that an athlete must follow. It is clear that society cares because steroid use is a form of cheating, and gives an unfair advantage for individuals who use them. It is evident that this breaks the social covenant that athletes have mutually agreed upon. Since these steroids are illegal, it is unfair when an athlete possesses an advantage which destroys the moral code of a fair contest. Athletes who are on steroids and human growth hormones can run faster, jump higher, have low levels of body fat than regular athletes. A clear example of this is again illustrated during the Olympics when Ben Johnson beat Carl Lew in the 100 meter spring. The question remains; would Ben Johnson have been able beat Carl Lewis in the 100 meter sprint without taking steroids? In 1998, when Mark McGuire shattered Roger Maris’ record for most home runs hit in a single season, he left the sports world in awe. However, his record-breaking hitting performance, many people refuse to acknowledge McGuire as a Hall of Famer because they believed McGuire’s power was a result of steroids. Clearly, all athletes should compete in the same sphere, without the utilization of enhanced substances. The second reason why young athletes should not utilize steroids is because of ... Read More
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(Steroids : Gateway towards the Road of Doom Essay)
“Steroids : Gateway towards the Road of Doom Essay”, n.d. https://studentshare.net/english/51466-not-to-use-steroids.
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