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Research serial killers.

buse on them by parents or some members of society, like suffering in the hands of peers may cause them physical and mental pain forcing them to seek revenge. They are also thought to be antisocial, introverts, and spend a lot of time thinking of ways of getting satisfaction and control over others. They may also be in the need to dominate their victims completely, and the satisfaction they may get when in total control of their victims lives. This may make them create scenes in their heads of what they could do to people, obtain such pleasure and exert fear in their victims as they commit the murders. The mental scene may sometimes fade in their minds and these forces them to act and try what they envisioned to a victim (Andreu, 1). The performing of the first killing, which is the hardest, may give the killer some satisfaction for only a limited amount of time. Moreover, the guilt of the murder is in the long-run overshadowed by the mental satisfaction that the killer feels as he/she dominated the victims makes them get the urge to kill again.
In addition, some serial killers create or have some ideal characteristics that they have envisioned their victim should have. These may be either physical appearance of the victims have or some other criteria from social, cultural or economic traits. For example, if it is a woman she may kill only blonde of a certain age category or from some place. Some may pick victims from a certain profession, for example, a serial may target prostitutes, or high school students. For some cases, the serial killer may also not find his/her ideal victim, and may settle on who nearly meet their criteria for their murders to achieve satisfaction (Mauro, 1).
The work of identifying a serial murder and investigation is always hard as this serial killer commit their crimes discretely. The police normally have a hard time creating a profile for these killers and motive for the killing. Moreover, any of the serial murders may go unsolved as ...
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Serial killers(s) is a person or individual who murders a number of people usually two or for some time, not less than a week to gain psychological satisfaction. The reasons for such murders to occur vary depending on the motive of the serial killer. Serial killers are thought…
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