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Epiphany Trigger and or contrast - Essay Example

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Some of these people may try to contemplate the relevance of the universe, but to no avail. In “the dead” by James Joyce, Gabriel Conroy faces the same problem and even questions his…

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Epiphany Trigger and or contrast

This paper compares what caused my epiphany and what triggered Gabriel to have his epiphany in “the dead” James Joyce.
My epiphany was brought about by a discussion held with some of my friends. This discussion evolved around the matters that are affecting the country today. The matters ranged from war to the resent attacks on gay rights. My stand on these matters seems always to be in contrast to what my friends seem to believe in or think this is right and ethical. The discussion had me thinking a lot about my views on these matters. I saw the overwhelming evidence that was against me, yet I maintained my stand. One of my friends talked to me and advised that I deeply reflect on my life and what I stand and believe in. He said that somewhere inside me there is a position, which is same views as the rest of my friends’ and I just had to go and think critically regarding the matter. This point provided my turning point and thus triggered my epiphany (Klein 22).
Gabriel’s epiphany in “the dead” by James Joyce occurs when he and his wife attend a dinner party, which results in an epiphany for both Gabriel and his wife. The main character, James, at the end of the story, experience epiphany or a self-realization, the set of the external circumstances at the party manage to focus attention on his futility and the meaningless of his life. At the very end of the story, Gabriel’s epiphany takes place Greta tells him about the boy that she fell in love with; who died from pneumonia after a long wait in the snow so that the boy could see her for one last time. The story touches him greatly and manages to open his mind as he contemplates about himself, his behavior, and his words. He conceptualizes the past, and the future all within that moment he even sees his wife differently (Klein 23).
In both cases, the epiphany is brought or triggered by people close to the ...
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