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teching in ESL and EFL contexts: is there a difference

English as a second language (ESL) and English as a foreign language (EFL) studies are conducted worldwide. ESL and EFL share many similarities despite their many differences. A clear understanding of teaching in ESL and EFL requires understanding the origin of Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), the greatest contributor to ESL and EFL teaching.
Incorporated in 1966, TESOL is a global association for English language headquartered in Virginia, USA and in many other developed countries. In addition, TESOL includes professional teachers in the field of English so that learners may get a quality education. TESOL consists of a network of approximately 50,000 educators worldwide. Additionally, ESL and EFL consist of 10,000 individual members.
Discipline and professionalism are strictly maintained. Both ESL and EFL produce serial publications to members and provide electronic sources on current issues, opportunities, and ideas in the field of English language teaching (Brown, 2007). Known for its annual convention, workshops, and symposia, both ESL and EFL are the world leaders in professional development opportunities for English language educators. Both EFL and ESL’s mission is to develop and maintain expertise in the field of English, more so teaching and speaking English to speakers of Other languages worldwide. This essay will focus on two questions: is there a difference in teaching styles between ESL and EFL, and how should one teach more effectively in ESL and EFL contexts.
Both EFL and ESL have mission statements and values to guide them, with the goal of providing a favourable environment for teaching and learning. ESL and EFL endorse professionalism in language education (Johnston, 1997), and thus they are able to know that with teaching professionally, they are able to produce professional people. Additionally, students in this field are able to acquire professional knowledge that ...
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Also, how this affects the teaching styles and how to teach more effectively in both. Additionally, the essay examines various literatures and provides a foundation or a basis…
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