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Communicate with my old brother

In our culture, children are expected to love and respect their parents at all times. Children do not answer back whenever being punished, and they obey their parents’ will no matter what. In my case, my big brother and I both have learned to talk to one another when we have problems in the family. Specifically, big brother demonstrated to me, his little sister, what respect means by listening to me and giving me the freedom to speak up and say what I feel. As a family, we make time to listen to each other by gathering every night to discuss what happened to us during the day. My big big brother listens to my stories and gives me advice. By allowing me to talk freely, my big brother shows me how important it is to listen to others. After the family meeting, I spend time with my big brother whenever I have the time. He shows me what respect means by listening to me and looking into my eyes.
My communication with my big brother is also filled with kindness. I have a feeling that he favors me over my other siblings. Thus, he is often kind and gentle to me than to my brothers and sisters. I feel this is unfair and should be changed so that my siblings will enjoy the same privileges I enjoy. But, I am happy to my big brother for showing me kindness each day. He has been very supportive of me since I was a child. We spend time doing a lot of things and telling stories. We enjoy each other’s company and often while away time with stories to tell. He is like a best friend to me whom I can count on in times of disappointments. However, unlike a friend who expects something in return, he does not expect anything back from me. This is so because I know what he wants for me and I usually do what I think would please him. I do not ever want to disappoint him because he is my role model. If I fail to be good, I know that he will be sad. So, to avoid disappointing him, I study hard and limit the time I spend with my friends. In return, he ...
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In fact, it is major factor in almost every relationship. Communication helps to make those relationships stronger. Within families, communication is important in children. In particular, the way brothers and sisters talk to one…
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