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reviewing for Les Miserables

e, listening to the basic songs of the main characters of the play is a profound understanding of the essence of the Parisian underworld, where dwellers are full of courage, dignity and bravery. The actions of these people from the underworld sound louder than words.
This song reflects daily troubles of the poor. The singers are a foreman, workers, a girl and Fantine. They sing about their daily troubles and a secret of Fantine is revealed. She sends money to her illegally borne child and the workers are demanding her to be thrown away. The end of the day is a miserable time for poor and workers, because they think about coming death, overall hunger on the lands. They are thankful that they have an opportunity to work and to feed their children and a place to sleep. Fantine is afraid of revelation and her secret about her child becomes well-known to the rest of the workers. A girl is in a real despair and women start to fight until Valjean pacify them. Fantine tells to the women that she has a child, which lives with an innkeeper and his wife and she has to earn money and send it to her daughter.
In this solo song a real despair of a woman can be heard. She wants to return back to happy times and she does not realize what happened wrong in her life and why life is so cruel with her. She dreams about another life, where men were kind and the world was an exciting song. Fantine dreams about everlasting love in a peaceful world. She dreams about returning her love though she understands that these dreams cannot come true.
This song is a choral piece and the final song of Act 1. Every singer sings his own part before joining the chorus. Valjean follows the melody of "Who Am I?", Marius, Cosette and Éponine continue their song in the melody "I Dreamed a Dream". A key melody is slow and it can be heard that different characters of musical unite their voices to make the effect of the song even more tragic. We can hear different songs of the main characters and it is ...
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The musical “Les Miserables” impresses the audience by sincerity of emotions and feelings of the main characters, by beautiful and enchanting music and sensual lyrics. It is interesting to penetrate into another world, where live people full of dignity, but lacking of money…
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