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Assignment example - Choose an enviromental problem that the world is facing and prepare a short report a)briefly summarise the problem b)otutline its causes c)analyse some possible solutions to the problem.You may wish to consider thre rol

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The increasing clamor of environmentalists and of international environmental preservation organizations to focus on conservation of natural resources and the protection of the environment is indicative of the need for immediate positive action. In an article written by Cameron…

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n, waste, and deforestation, the latter emerges as one of the biggest ecological problems on a global scale (Cameron 2012; Ecological Problems, 2009). The aim of the discourse, therefore, is to provide a short report on the subject of deforestation by: (1) providing a brief summary the problem; (2) by outlining its causes; and finally, (3) analyzing some possible solutions to the problem.
Deforestation is defined by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) as referring “to change of land cover with depletion of tree crown cover to less than 10 percent. Changes within the forest class (e.g. from closed to open forest) which negatively affect the stand or site and, in particular, lower the production capacity, are termed forest degradation” (Food and Agriculture Organization, 2000, p. 1). Deforestation is regarded as an environmental problem for the reasons that cutting of trees or depletion of forests and woodlands leave insufficient numbers of trees which have been proven to store vast amounts of carbon needed to prevent continued global warming. Also, due to clearing activities in forests and agricultural areas, the burning of trees emit substantial carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which is deemed contributory to the green house effect (Oracle Think Quest n.d.). Likewise, trees also have natural abilities to aborb water, if vast amounts of trees are uprooted and cut, the deforested region is therefore prone to floods or extreme dryness, causing further destruction of lives (human, animals and plants). Concurrently, trees and forests have been revealed to function as ways for conserving biological diversity where various flora and fauna have survived in their natural habitat. Deforestation through natural (storms, blizzard, eathquakes) and human induced activities disrupt and contribute to the loss of biodiveristy which eventually leads to extinction of endanged species.
As revealed, the causes of deforestation are varied; ranging from finding other ...
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