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However, United States has been involved in many needless international conflicts, which have unfortunately tarnished its image abroad and created more enemies than friends…

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American citizens and interests from foreign aggression, liberating people from oppressive regimes, promoting democracy and human rights especially in autocratic countries in addition to protecting the American society from the adverse effects of drug abuse (Zycher 74-76). In spite of the vast resources invested in the wars and heavy loss of human lives, United States still remains under imminent threats of terror attacks and abuse of human rights is rampant at both local and international levels.
Currently, United States military is at war in Afghanistan and Iraq. These wars have been ongoing for about ten years and the targeted countries are yet to attain political and economic stability. However, the numbers of the American soldiers and civilians killed and wounded in the conflicts are increasing. According to The Washington Post, 4,474 and 2,038 American soldiers have been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan respectively up to date since the emergence of the conflicts. In addition 33,184 servicemen have been wounded in Iraq alone. However, the number of wounded servicemen does not include those suffering from psychological problems such as post traumatic disorder. Over 6,440 service members have lost their lives in both “operation Iraqi freedom” and “operation enduring freedom” in Afghanistan (The Washington Post).
Although there has been no recorded successful terror attack in side the United States territory since September 11 attack in 2001, security agencies in the country have forestalled several terror attempts in the country and overseas. However, in Afghanistan for instance, security status has worsened since 2009 as demonstrated by the increasing number of United States service members killed in combat duties. At the beginning of the “operation enduring freedom” in 2001, United States lost 12 service members in that year ( However, in 2010 alone, 499 service members were killed and an additional 418 the following year in 2011 ...
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