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Creon and Antigone Being Stubborn In Antigone

The play also shows how the gods mediate. Creon is punished for passing unreasonable rules. Key conflicts are also illustrated in the play. There is a conflict between the society and individuals. Antigone struggles against the authorities so as to reveal an unjust rule. This exposes a conflict between Antigone, Creon, and the communal customs that perceived that women are weaker than men and cannot participate in political decision-making. There is a conflict between two persons. There is a battle between Antigone and Creon, a representative of the state. Antigone also battles Ismene, who tries to convince her not to perform a burial ceremony for her brother. In addition, Creon quarrels with his son. Moreover, there is a conflict between the supernatural and the person, as Antigone’s household is cursed by the gods. The Antigone’s household fate causes their destruction. Finally, there is a conflict inside a person. For instance, in scene five Creon must relent even if he does not want. Both Creon and Antigone are tremendously stubborn. Their stubbornness causes their demise. Both of them are extremely independent individuals. Creon declines to accept anyone’s views except his own. ...
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In “Antigone”, both Creon and Antigone are stubborn, and this can be seen as what contributes to their failure or downfall. The play is a tragedy. This is because both Creon and Antigone face misfortunes. …
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