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write an examining a full-page ad form a popular magazine. - Essay Example

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“Old Spice” does an excellent job of appealing to its target audience, using lifestyle marketing concepts related to psychographic characteristics of the segment. The brand attempts to illustrate that it can alter the lifestyle dynamics of the consumer, transforming their…

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write an examining a full-page ad form a popular magazine.

The brand does an excellent job of blending lifestyle marketing, relationship marketing, and elements of logic to appeal successfully to its target market.
The advertisement (Appendix A) illustrates a typical, overweight male librarian in a split figure format, illustrating a transformative process from an ordinary, rather unattractive consumer to a stimulated and electrifying rock superstar. Under the VALS 2 model of psychographics, one of the main consumer segments is referred to as the Striver, one with generally low financial resources, but one who maintains a desire to attain wealth and achieve higher status in society (Boone & Kurtz 213). The Striver profile is one that is very trends-focused and action-oriented, meaning they seek fun and excitement in their lifestyle (Boone & Kurtz 213). Strivers believe that money is a significant justifier for better social status, often seeking to purchase products that are considered premium in an effort to emulate those in society with more financial resources. They are also impulsive buyers.
“Old Spice” seems to understand these characteristics of their target consumer, one with low resources and who desires relationships with products that assist in helping them reach their goals for adventure and improved social performance. “Old Spice” is a non-premium, mid-priced product with a very long brand history, attempting to emerge from historical connotations of relationship marketing with older and more seasoned consumers. In the advertisement, the split personality of the rock superstar is supplemented with pink lipstick marks illustrating fanaticism as well as a bikini top that is strung adoringly over the guitar held by the transformed consumer character. The tagline, “Somewhere in there, there’s a man in there” both chastises and applauds a consumer that reaches for “Old Spice”, using pathos as a rhetorical appeal to gain consumer attention and interest. Essentially, the ...
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