New Evidence For The Benefits Of Never Spanking - Book Report/Review Example

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New Evidence For The Benefits Of Never Spanking

He explains that in olden times spanking was a very normal act when he says, “In 1968, those who favored corporal punishment did not need to speak out to defend their view because, as just indicated, almost everyone believed it was necessary.” (Straus 1) He concludes by demoralizing the habit of spanking among parents and claims that studies have upheld the negative effects of spanking. Through this research the author’s apparent purpose seems to discourage “corporeal punishment” in each age group in order to enforce a vibrant, health and rich environment for the children to grow in as stronger and confident individuals of the society. For this reason Straus, establishing a direct link with his audiences has portrayed incidents and experiments to which they can relate to. Moreover his approach to this issue and his concern is universal because he has intended a good cause for the children of the whole world (Straus 1).
Straus has made a discourse on the most practiced custom of the society which needs to be discouraged but it is not taken into account. This habit of spanking children or incorporating “corporeal punishment” into the lives by considering it the most beneficial of disciplinary tools is generally a wrong idea which is breeding successfully among the parents. I agree with Straus in maintaining the stance that “spanking” is not a solution to the problems of the parents as this act is an affliction on the self-esteem, self-reliance and confidence of the children which ceases them to live in the world with confidence. I believe that he is correct when he claims that spanking does not present with any benefits for the child but it rather mars the personality of the child.
In his research, the projected statistics of parents who continually spank their children over varied age groups is very high. Toddlers or ...
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Straus illustrates that “spanking” and “corporeal punishment” mars the personality of children. Followed by the introduction and brief summary of the research, Straus presents an account of the “Five New Landmark Studies” which overcame the defects in…
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