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Process Analysis - Essay Example

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With Wall Street doing the best that they can to help me lose the remaining investments in my 401K file and the banks doing their hand to take ever little penny that they can from my savings, checking, and credit card accounts, there is still some liquidity left in my…

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Process Analysis

Having checked my latest liquidity statements shows me that I have a little over $14000 combined liquidity in terms of savings, investments, and available credit from my credit cards. This means that in order to go broke by the Christmas season, I would have to spend at least $5000 a month in order to stay in schedule. That wont be hard to do. What with Thanks giving, Halloween, and the Christmas holidays coming up. This ought to be a piece of cake. Thank heavens my parents live in New York. That should speed things up for me. Now, on to the first order of business.
First, I have to go online and find the most expensive airline ticket available for my flight home to visit my parents for the Thanksgiving holidays. Economy and business class wont cut it this time. I simply must fly First Class on the way home. Ah, there it is, and it flies non-stop too. That just doubled the ticket price. Charge it!
Now, to get myself a seriously decent place to stay in while I am there. Although my parents have never bothered to redecorate my room since I moved out when I left for college, my Justin Timberlake posters still hang in my room. Much as I would love to revisit my wacky teenage, hormonal years, drooling over JT will have to wait. I am on a mission right now. Im still sitting in front of the computer looking for the best deals on hotels in New York. It costs how much to stay at a suite at the Trump Plaza? A 3 day stay ought to wipe out at least half of my savings and credit line. Just a little more to spend now.
Clothes, I definitely cant take this trip home without any clothes. But having to check in things and go through security inspection at the airport is such a bane. Not to mention how I am the worst suitcase packer in the world. Looks like Ill be purchasing my clothes when I get back to New York. Now, if I were to spend $2000 on clothes purchases for a 3 day stay.... That looks just about right.
Traveling around New York during the holiday season ...
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