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This proposal purposes to find out the dangers and effects of alcohol consumption by students in the institutions of higher learning. Students are so much…

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40% of the whole study sample will be composed of students who do not drink alcohol. Data will be collected through the survey techniques including face-to-face interviews, observation, and questionnaires. The study will focus on the drinking lifestyles or trends and its effects in the institutions of higher learning including.
Through regression analysis, the data collected is analyzed to ascertain the effect of over indulgence in alcoholic beverages on students’ life, health, social life, and academic performance. The results from the drinking group are analyzed and compared with the control results of non-drinking students. The study should confirm that there is a great deal of dangers and effects of students consuming alcohol in campus. It affects their health since some of them are extremely addicted and cannot do without it. This makes them chronically ill with the conditions such as liver cirrhosis. Alcohol also leads to poor performance of students since some of them attend lectures when drunk; hence, they can barely understand anything at all. It is a cause of poor study life since one rarely has the time to sit down and read. Alcohol consumption lowers concentration to an extremely critical level.
Alcohol has a great deal of dangers and effects in the institutions of higher learning. It not only affects the consumer but also the people around him or her. It makes daily learning difficult to those who are addicted to drinking. It can also affect the general learning process of an institution.
This is a research project that was held to find out the relationship between the consumption of alcohol and the illnesses reported by the university students. It was found that those who drink heavily experience a wide range of chronic health problems; those who drink acutely suffer from less serious health conditions, such as mild ...
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