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My Internet

It is a process whereby ICT is used in the sharing of information amongst different parties. It is advantageous because it helps to fasten paper based processes and to improve the relationship between citizens and the government.
This is the use of wireless devises to perform business transactions. It is considered a success when benefits are realized by its users. Electronic and mobile commerce is largely used in fields like manufacturing, marketing and investment amongst others. It exhibits the following advantages; it reduces costs since it is cheaper than other source used in marketing or promoting a business. Secondly, it increases accuracy in business activities because it does not provide room for mistakes, and lastly it provides a universal reach. For business enterprises to have electric commerce they should have a web server hardware platform that is complete with appropriate software. There also exists electronic payment systems that are used to enhance businesses transactions by companies; this allows easy payment of goods and services (Stair & Reynolds, 110).
Conclusively, this essay is an illustration of how future internet is useful in enhancing business transactions and exchange of ideas in commerce. This suggests that companies implementing electronic commerce into their systems have a better chance of gaining more profits, and are more competitive in the market than organizations that do not use electric commerce for business ...
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Businesses have adopted the use of internet to compete in local and international markets. Electronic commerce is a process where individuals conduct business activities online. Electronic commerce has revolutionized the business…
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