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A Job Well Done - Essay Example

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I have familiarized myself with my mother’s everyday routine, from preparing breakfast, all the way to taking care of the dishes after dinner and even attending to my younger siblings. The everyday tasks seem to be a routine but it is more than just that – it seems that there should not be a day where my mom has to say, “I don’t want to do this”…

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A Job Well Done

A Job Well Done

She did not tell me to do this or that; she just let me do things on my own. One of the toughest things to do was getting out of bed early to prepare breakfast. My younger siblings had to make do with cereals and milk for breakfast because I am not so comfortable working at the kitchen. I brought my mother something to eat in her room, a sandwich and some warm milk, went back to the kitchen because I also had to clean the table afterwards and put everything in the dishwasher. That time I felt like it was the longest morning in my life. I got used to going out of my room when breakfast is ready then go back to my room after eating.
After doing the morning chores, I checked our refrigerator to see what I can prepare for lunch. I had no idea what to cook so I just stared blankly on the vegetables and meat that was in the refrigerator. I kept thinking I have to prepare a decent meal for my mom so she can gain back her strength and get better right away. It’s a good thing that we are so equipped with technology that the internet can give you all the small details in cooking – just like a guide for dummies. I ended up making some pasta for me and my siblings and a soup for my mother. It was my first time to cook pasta just by myself. Even if I had the convenience of canned spaghetti sauce and ready to cook pasta, it was still a tough job to do because I had to make sure that I will be able to cook something worth eating. ...
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