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Essay example - write a well-organized, well-developed in which you discuss if we are wearing masks of our own free will, or if we are pressured, or even tricked into wearing them.

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One’s disposition with A is different from that of B. If one has ten friends, he knows what to talk with a particular individual and what not to talk. What to reveal and what not to…

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To secure secular comforts and aggrandizement of wealth through unfair means has become the way of life. We own a mask during the presentation of the issues, which is utilized as the protective umbrella. This invisible mask is a great study tool to judge the personality and the moods of an individual. The mask impacts all parts of the body like facial expressions, movements of the legs and feet. Mask controls the reactions on one’s countenance. The wise saying goes, ‘you can fool some for all time, all for some time, but not all for all time.’ Pretense will not pay in the long run; knowing this aspect fully well, yet one pretends! The shadow is not the real person, yet we give importance to the shadow. One goes to any extent to please an individual by pretense. An individual wearing mask wages the permanent war with his inner self thinking of the possible victory through guile. One makes the maximum use of the grin by switching it on and off. Wearing the mask need not be with negative intention to outsmart others always, but with the genuine desire to hide the true emotions and sufferings. One prefers to suffer silently than to expose the true feelings and share the sympathy of others. An individual wearing the mask is compared to an actor in a drama, who delivers the rehearsed dialogues to impress the spectators. One tends to put on a façade (mask) in life, and hides true feelings, either due to compulsion of circumstances or due to the force of habit to find acceptance from the society by pretending to be happy though something pierces the heart intensely.
Shirking responsibility and buttering people to secure quick results by wearing the masks of falsity have become the way of life in the present times, impacted by materialistic civilization. Such individuals use social masks to intimidate and to exercise authority over others. Masks will only serve to get ...
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