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To make matters worse there lacks archives of heroes who have made remarkable progress in the country or changed the society positively. The pictures and writing are only owned by individual authors and this does not mean that they have been endowed by the society as heroes. Previous people who could have been regarded as heroes by the Canadians played a great role in evoking a notion that heroism is a belief by people. This was done through refusing all means by the public to crown them as heroes despite their heroic actions that they have done. Since then Canadians rarely appreciates people who have worked hard for the benefit of other people or society at large. A hero can simply be defined as a person who has shown remarkable courage and ability and is admired for the brave deeds which are of high and noble qualities. On the other hand, heroism is a conduct exhibited by a person and results to a high purpose. The definition of these two terms gives us the platform to argue that heroes need to be recognized and respect in order to encourage other people to work hard for the welfare of the country at large. Canada lack of appreciation to people who can be regarded as heroes in other countries discourages potential heroes from taking up a heroic move or action. The writer is therefore right to argue that this Canadian culture has led to individualism. Lack of this virtue by the public makes it hard for the people to act on their own because they don't consider other people's role that they play in their lives. ...
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The paper "Anti-Heroism" describes in many countries, heroes are noted because they represent the country in different areas, so national recognition is necessary. In Canada, this is not so. Although thousands of people acted heroically, they were not appreciated as heroes…
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