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In Canada this is not the case. Although thousands of people have acted in a heroic manner, they were not appreciated as heroes. The reason behind…

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summary , argument

He therefore argues that there rarely exists any hero. One major issue that Canadian face is the acceptance of heroes who have been ordained in other countries. In these countries, these people are given the necessary support and respect. Some of these heroes include political heroes.
Mainly Canadians identify themselves with martyrs. This is because these people are unable to change their character since they are already dead. In addition, the fear of imposition is not there in such a case because this hero is already dead.
The characters by Canadians have led to individualism. This is because the person is not willing to allow the other to become a leader as they argue that this will be more or less an aspect of worshiping the heroes. Country’s lack of utopia has made it hard for the citizens to believe some people who are more heroic than others. The countries lacks believe in the ideology of racial and cultural unity. Effort to impose these illusions leads to divisions. On the other hand, argument that Canada is not a real country just because it lacks the illusion of unity would make us evoke the heroic vision.
In case the army goes out to fight and wins, the country is less likely to give them a heroic welcome. On the other side, the author through few cases argues that sometimes we impose heroism on some people who does not deserve to do it because some of the actions that they are rewarded for resulted from fear and self-defense. This is done by analyzing the minds of few heroes who argues that they don’t deserve to be heroes but people seems to be in need of heroes in the society.
To make matters worse there lacks archives of heroes who have made remarkable progress in the country or changed the society positively. The pictures and writing are only owned by individual authors and this does not mean that they have been endowed by the society as heroes.
Previous people who could have been ...
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