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you can chose one

The customer lodged a claim on us that the art we shipped arrived with sags in the canvas. This may not be our fault, neither is it the customer’s. You therefore ought to have appreciated the customer feedback first and the fact that the customer contacted us with a claim. You can also show the customer that we care about the products we send and that their satisfaction is our priority. Then accept the liability and responsibility to re-stretch the art on behalf of the customer. Our customers are important for our business, and hence kindly make efforts to understand the customer situation and address the solution not the problem.
We at Manhattan Galleries value your kind efforts to address customer needs and keep constant contact with them. As we appreciate our employees so are our customers and every feedback matters to us. Your letter to the customer is well written, and with the changes annotated, it will serve the customer perfectly well. Thanks for your efforts at Manhattan ...
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Kindly make the necessary changes as recommended in the attached annotation. I have done this in order to remind you about writing effective letters to the customer as stipulated in our company,…
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