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gun control

Arguments against gun control include the assumption that possession of a gun would offer protection through self-defense, defense of another, or through scaring an attacker who has a gun. Arguments for gun control however notes that limiting access to guns through regulatory measures is the solution to safety against gun based violence. Your arguments against gun control as a measure to controlling gun-based violence is convincing but has attracted my attention on a number of issues that I believe may not be very true.
You offer a rich background of the problem through historical cases of gun based attacks such as the Aurora and Columbine shootings and the battle between proponents and opponents of gun control and this seems to have informed your position of anti-gun control as a solution to controlling gun based violence. I concur with you that the violence is a concern and preventive measures are necessary. Your position that increased level of infiltration may help in managing the rate of violence may further be valid and should not be regarded unless there is sufficient evidence to prove otherwise. I further believe that your conscience to the position of increasing infiltration levels as a solution to gun-based violence is clear and I respect your opinion and desire to save people from gun based attacks (Goldberg 68- 78).
Your argument identifies with my opinion that gun based violence is a significant problem in the society and reported cases of public shootings and crimes that are committed with aids of guns supports this. We further share the opinion that a solution that focuses on gun ownership will be the ideal approach to resolving the current problem. The fact that previous efforts to ensure strict policies against gun ownership, experience of people who were affected by Aurora gun incident and reaction from political ...
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This is because gun ownership is critical to the society that has become insecure from gun attacks and yet gun ownership has continued to infiltrate the society as civilians are allowed to own…
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