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Feasibility and Research Report--Tax on Cigarette and Demand on Cigarette - Essay Example

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Feasibility and Research Report--Tax on Cigarette and Demand on Cigarette

This objective is scheduled to operate within a seven year duration, whereby the expectation will be of high government revenue and a reduced level of smoking. The results of this project will benefit government, society, environment, smokers and non-smokers.
Cigarette contains over 4000 chemical compound and 69 of those chemicals cause cancer. Cigarette harms health by causing diseases such as lung cancer or heart diseases. There are numerous organizations that can help smokers to quit smoking and the government work closely with such organizations to create awareness about the effects of smoking. Other than its addictive characteristics, this study sought to actualize the drive to smoking despite the awareness of its effects to health and spending. The outcome of the study is therefore very important to the Federal U.S. government as well as the Anti-Smoking Agencies. The outcome of the study was not intended to please tobacco manufacturers as this would affect their business, and to some extent the some government agencies were expected to reject the outcome of the study as well due to tax revenue they get from tobacco. However, the study was focused in revealing the truth of tobacco in relations to health effects.
Many studies have been done on the health and economic effects of smoking tobacco. Such studies, discussions, or journals were limited to finding the real weight on health, spending etc of smoking cigarettes. Micklethwait, (2013) of the Economist Magazine acknowledges the effects of cigarette products affect the whole society in U.S. According to weekly news involving the economy and business within the U.S. and international business, the Smoking Weight, and Micklethwait, (2013) data percentage showing the rational of teenage smokers reveals that there are 46% teen girls and 30% teen boys do not smoke ...
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Currently, 27% of people smoking cigarettes die from lung cancer alone. Unless something is done today, the impact of smoking will directly affect the next generation. This study analyzes the impact of taxation on…
Author : monahanwilmer

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