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Definition (faith)

This paper attempts to expound more on faith in relation to various definitions.
The bible describes faith as “substance of things that are hope for and also as the evidence of things that cannot be seen. The description of the bible shows that faith entails believing that something will happen and also the fact that there is confidence of something that exists even if it cannot be seen. Faith therefore focuses on religious issues and sacred believes that certain things like God exist even if we cannot see Him. This leads to beliefs in existence of God and the infinite wonders of nature that were created. It also expresses confidence that a certain idea, person or a thing is true and should be trusted without doubt. The fact that people also have confidence in another human being or a thing reveals acts of faith. There are also principles and doctrines that are held as true especially by believers and the express faith and loyalty towards a certain being, idea or a thing. Thus faith can be described as a strong and unwavering belief that something is real even without evidence (Deighton 73).
Faith is not only based on religious practices but also on scientific explanations and events that affect the lives of human beings. For instance, in science, there are certain things that people believe they exist but they have never seen them. Electricity is one of the examples that can be outlined. People believe in existence of electricity but they have never seen it. The universe is full of inspiring infinite and complicated phenomena that have been extensively been outlined to people through use of books and other resources. However, since the knowledge of human beings constitutes a small fraction of the universe’s knowledge, people are made to believe in the existence of various phenomena through construction of certain perspectives in their minds to form the picture of the ...
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It is said to be confidence in something or someone through unwavering and unshakable trust regardless of changes in circumstances. It can also be defined as a…
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