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Katniss takes the place of her younger sister in the games and because of her skill in archery is able to survive some of the worst attacks by her fellow competitors. In addition, she has a love interest in the form of Peeta who, before they get into the arena, declares his love for her in an interview. Throughout the film, we see a change in the character of Katniss as she becomes more assertive and dares to challenge the authority of the government of Panem through various actions. It is through these actions that Katniss is able to force the hand of the government to change the rules of the game so that individuals can work as teams.
The film has been designed to gain the interest of individuals from all walks of society. The success of The Hunger Games and the wave of interest it has generated have inspired the development of two sequels. Before its official release, this film generated a lot of interest among the prospective audience because of the difference in concept from the other films that had recently come from Hollywood. It can be said that the concept upon which the film is based is highly unique and extraordinarily: few films have been made using the same concept. This film employs a vibrating abruptness that is hardly ever found in the work of Hollywood directors, and this can be said to bring the film closer to the realities of life. It has some cold bloodedness that is hard to find in many contemporary films, and this makes it one of a kind. When the film was released, it did not disappoint those who had expected it to have the qualities that were unique and fun, and at the same time made the film a serious picture to watch. It looks at the relationship between an authoritarian state and its citizens from a new perspective that many would consider impossible. This film is, therefore, worthy of the adoration that ...
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It should be on the top ten lists for movies of the year for any reader of the Critical Thinker magazine because it deals with many themes, such as hunger and poverty,…
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