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Style, Graphics

Clarity is thus important because it would help in bringing once audience to a uniform understanding; this is especially if there are those with a brief glimpse of what one is talking about. Clarity will enable both the ignorant and the enlightened individuals about the topic to be at par with each other. Achieving clarity in one’s communication is as easy as providing illustrations. It is also important to use definite descriptive words other than the vague words. It is also important to use understandable words that one’s audience can understand. Other than using jargons, it is important to use plain words that can be understood by everybody not unless one’s audience is people of the same understanding and backgrounds. For instance, Nicole is hired to be communication experts for a company, it is important for her to understand the diversity of the targeted customers and the language to use when communicating to them. This is the best way that she can make the people or the targeted customers identify with the company. In developing the proposal, she must elevate her language to express the sentiments of the organization to the professional understanding of the people who will review the proposal and even those to whom the proposal is intended.
The communicator should also seek to simplify some words for easy understanding and consciousness. When writing, it is also important to shorten sentences, as longer sentences may be difficult to read and understand. In lengthy sentences, one is also bound to make mistakes. Longer sentences often give different meanings most of the time (Sellnow, 56). The reader may therefore derive different meaning from what was originally intended. It is also important to avoid the use of many propositions. Propositions can potentially make a sentence to be redundant with barely any meaningful communication. After writing the work, it is important to proof read once work to avoid any mistake that may arise. ...
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There is likely to be a problem when one writes a mail, a letter, a blog entry, or even when a web site is unclear, that is blurred with confusion. Unclear communication can lead to misunderstanding, misinterpretation of information,…
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